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Report cover: Digital Violence Against Women in Jordan: Legal and Institutional Context

Digital Violence Against Women in Jordan: Legal and Institutional Context

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This study examines the reality of legal texts pertaining to how cybercrimes against women are addressed in Jordan. It further surveys the legal and institutional framework associated with digital violence in Jordan by reviewing international treaties ratified by the Jordanian government as well as national legislation used to prosecute digital crimes, along with legal principles in this field. The researchers also share input from experts and direct stakeholders, such as judges, attorneys, and security personnel, who discussed the difficulties of addressing gender-based digital violence in the absence of specialized legal texts and provided recommendations.

The study concludes that in the absence of specific and clear provisions in the legislative and legal system to protect women from gender-based digital violence, legislators and judges can rely on equality and protection principles in constitutional jurisprudence as well as relevant provisions in various laws to criminalize digital violence against women. National policies and international treaties ratified by Jordan also play a crucial role in addressing this issue.

This study recommends amending various legal frameworks, including digital crime laws, by adopting a gender-sensitive approach and establishing institutional procedures for stakeholders involved in combating digital violence against women in Jordan.