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Report cover: Digital Violence Against Women in Syria

Digital Violence Against Women in Syria: a Field Study

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This study delves into the complex landscape of digital violence against women in Syria, examining legal frameworks, stakeholder perspectives and impacts on victims. Through a mixed-method approach including questionnaires, interviews, and desk studies, the research unveils a troubling reality where some 60% of Syrian women experience digital violence, primarily on platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. The study uncovers a range of abuses including defamation, stalking, hacking, and trolling, with female activists and leaders facing targeted attacks aimed at silencing their voices. Economic exploitation and psychological trauma are prevalent outcomes, with over 89% of participants reporting psychological disorders.

The researchers highlight challenges faced by victims in seeking justice, including difficulty in tracing perpetrators using external communication tools and fear of reprisals. Despite these obstacles, the research underscores the resilience of Syrian women who, though often unsupported by official channels, seek assistance from personal networks and digital security specialists. The study’s findings emphasize the urgent need for increased awareness, institutional support, and legal protections to combat digital violence against women in Syria and empower victims to seek redress.