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An Exploration of Digital Violence Against Women in Lebanon

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The limited existing research on digital violence in Lebanon affirms that women and girls are more exposed than men to violence facilitated by any form of information and communication technology (e.g., mobile phones, the Internet, social media, computer games, text messaging, email, etc.). However, the extent of exposure, harm, and potential solutions to digital violence against women (DVAW) in Lebanon are yet to be adequately explored.

Through a mixed approach of surveys, interview and empirical mapping of digital data, this study aims to investigate the nature, frequency, circumstances of, and reactions to any harassment, threat, exploitation, bullying, stalking, data and identify theft or exposure, etc. that Lebanese women are encountering because of their gender during their digital activities.

Findings show that the DVAW Lebanese women experience is proportional to their social or political activism. This DVAW is rooted in a patriarchal culture that establishes a gendered hierarchy. It is exacerbated by political and financial crises and a lack of trust in a male-dominated legal system influenced by religious parties. The study recommends an integrative approach to combating DVAW that includes national educational institutions, NGOs, and media outlets to foster a culture of women’s empowerment and cyber safety, coupled by Lebanese policy makers and social media platforms taking measures to protect women and girls against digital violence.