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A Study on Digital Violence Against Women in Egypt

Digital Violence Against Women (DVAW) is a growing phenomenon not only in Egypt, but also worldwide. Forms of DVAW are common across countries, yet each country has a specific context that shapes which forms of DVAW are more widespread.

Despite the severity of its implications, there is not enough research about DVAW in Egypt. While the Egyptian authorities have taken steps towards addressing this issue, it remains highly unresolved. This study aims to shed light on the experiences of some of these women, gathered by means of a survey. The study also shares insights from experts working in the field on
the problem and practical solutions.

This study gathered survey data from 29 Egyptian women and interviewed seven experts with background in violence against women, women’s rights activism, civil society, and psychology to understand the extent of DVAW in Egypt. The study attempts to shed light on the problem— DVAW forms, drivers, harms, and impact on women’s lives—and seeks possible solutions.

Findings from this study illustrate that DVAW reflect gender asymmetry and the prevalence of the abuse of women offline. The main obstacle against addressing DVAW in Egypt is that women are reluctant to talk about the abuses they experience that they do not report the aggressions, leaving all stakeholders unaware of the magnitude of the problem and leaving them to struggle alone in silence. The study ends with recommendations to policy makers and digital platforms, and highlights areas for future research.